‘Am I a good boy?’
This is Fred, we took him in a few years ago. He was mistreated in the pet shop and put in the back of the shop. He’s a lovely bird.
My cousin decided that it would be best for him if she took him, so she did. After a few years she had a baby and had to get rid of Fred because he was too loud. So my uncle took him on.. he was okay but he couldn’t come out of the cage much because they had dogs. He started to get frustrated and depressed, he ended up pulling out feathers from his right wing and around it. But still he was always happy to see me.
So about 5 years ago we asked if we could have him… his wings almost grown back now.
Even though he finds it difficult to trust people and is scared easily, he always seems to be happy to see me. Whenever I’m sad or quiet he’ll say sorry or asks me if I’m good..
And he’ll always give me a ‘big kiss’. I love my little Fred, he’s the best friend and pet I could ask for.

I love you, you little bugger.

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